Yeah, I tapped that… but not anymore.

It’s amazing the impact we have on people’s lives and we didn’t even know it. Here’s your chance to shine a light on the dirty little secret in your fridge. WATER PRIVATIZATION is unnecessary and we don’t have to let it continue. You can choose to either give them [corporations] the power by purchasing “their” water, or you can choose to stop the damage that’s being created.

Don’t be naïve. Get over yourself and take a peek 

~Pan Demic

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Have fun. Don't forget to bookmark this website 

Have fun. Don’t forget to bookmark this website 🙂


What If the Media Said, “Taking a kerosene bath once a week will reduce your chances of diabetes.”

Would you take it at face value? Or would you want to investigate the matter further? I don’t know about you, but I would be a little leery hopping in a tub of kerosene. So why is it that when we hear advertisements on TV or online for how to ‘be healthy’ by drinking more bottled water that we just go with it? Maybe it’s because we already know the dangers of kerosene, and we have yet to realize the danger in bottled water.

In 1992 roughly 2,300,000 gallons of water was bottled and sold to the US market. That’s a LOT of selling people stuff they already have (water is a FREE resource). Good marketing tactic? If you think so, then keep reading.

What about today? Twenty years later, statistics put US water bottle sales at about 9.1 BILLBION gallons. Not only is it a waste of YOUR money (did I get your attention yet?) But it is also really bad for your health, and the environment. Check back later and I’ll tell you more gruesome details.

Thanks for reading,

~Pan D.