Water Bottle Life Cycle

All this energy & waste JUST so you can have that bottle of water?  
Maybe next time you could think, Is it really worth it?


All the Single Ladies! All the Single Landies! Put your hands up … and the plastic down.

A study undertaken at the Goethe University in Frankfurt has found that estrogenic compounds leach from PET bottles into the water and leading researcher, Martin Wagner, has decided drinking tap water is safer than bottled. Tests they carried out on snails placed in these bottles, showed that the snails in the PET bottles had twice as many eggs as the glass bottle dwelling snails. So the bottles that were considered safe because they contained no BPA’s may not be safe after all and seem to have the same effect as BPA products

The Snail Effect

German mineral water comes from natural springs. So, to see if the estrogenic compounds were actually coming from the water itself, Wagner emptied the bottles and replaced the water with a pure snail medium and a tiny species of snail that is especially sensitive to estrogenic compounds.

Eight weeks later, female snails living in plastic bottles had more than twice as many embryos inside their bodies compared to the glass-grown snails.

“Something from the plastic,” says Wagner, “must have leached out and changed the reproductive patterns of our snails.”

“Having done all of these experiments, I started drinking tap water,” says Wagner. “It might have other stuff in it, but at least it doesn’t have estrogenic compounds.”

So, in essence, unless you are ready to have a child, or twenty, be sure to take precaution. Try a re-useable stainless steel bottle next time 😉

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~Pan Demic